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VACUUM IMPREGNATION SYSTEM , DHVE Vacuum impregnatiion system are used to impregnate electrical materials of transformers, coils and other items for good insulation. The growth of missile technology and space re-entry system is demanding new types of materials which will be light but hard . Resin impregnation is a well developed technology for developing such exotic materials .
Vacuum Thin Film Coating Unit : DHVEoffers Vacuum Thin Film Coating Unit for Laboratory and Industrial Purpose.Essentially there are two types. Thin Film Coating Unit. RF & DC Sputtering Unit Vacuum Coater produces thin, homogenous, uniform, pure film coatings of various metals to achieve controlled effects in applications like optics, electronics, materials, thin film coating etc. DHVE offers Different size of Vacuum Thin Film Coating Unit Model 12A4, 15F6, 19F9 & 24F10 with facilities for thermal evaporation, Ion cleaning (bombardment), etc. with accessories for substrate heating, rotation, film thickness monitoring etc. This is a versatile unit both for production as well as research. Optional accessories increase the versatility of the unit making it suitable for a variety of applications, including optical thin film deposition, semiconductors, and micro-electronics. A high speed vacuum pumping system fully integrated with necessary piping and valves operated manually is rated for high gas through- put handling and to produce clean and high vacuum in the chamber. This Vacuum Coating system is wired to operate on 230 V AC, 50Hz single phase power supply / 415 V AC 3 phase power sup