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VACUUM IMPREGNATION SYSTEM , DHVE Vacuum impregnatiion system are used to impregnate electrical materials of transformers, coils and other items for good insulation. The growth of missile technology and space re-entry system is demanding new types of materials which will be light but hard . Resin impregnation is a well developed technology for developing such exotic materials .
DHVE VACUUM FURNACE, The company specialized in industrial vacuum furnaces manufacturing. Horizontal gas quenching furnace is used for gas quenching of materials like tool steel, die steel, high speed steel, super high strength steel, etc. The heating chamber is separated with the quenching chamber, which saves much energy and has good cooling. Technical Features 1. Vacuum twin chamber gas quenching furnace uses horizontal, two chambers, bottom loading structure. Furnace door type can be customized design. 2. Gas quenching chamber is an independent part, which has a high heat exchanging speed. 3. The inner loading trolley is integral structure. The materials transportation is stable and finish in a short time. 4. According to the treating jobs, users can choose to configure axial-flow type high power gas quenching fan or centrifugal high power gas quenching fan. Configuration of Horizontal Gas Quenching Furnace 1. Thermocouple: S type, K type, N type 2. Recorder: Paperless recorder/paper recorder 3. HMI: Simulation screen/Touch screen with industry computer 4. Electric components: High-quality domestic made brand/Schneider/Siemens 5. Furnace door: On-line/off-line, rotating type, vertical lifting 6. Gas quenching type: cold airflow vertically cooling/cold airflow side to side cooling. 7. Furnace hearth: Graphite heating elements and graphite felt heat insulation/Molybdenum heating element and metal heat insulation 8. Vacuum pump and gauge: Leybold vacuum, Edwards vacuum pump/high quality Chinese brand vacuum pump EVP. 9. Vacuum degree: High vacuum/medium vacuum 10. PLC: OMRON/Siemens/Mitsubishi 11. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM/Honeywell
Vacuum Thin Film Coating Unit : DHVEoffers Vacuum Thin Film Coating Unit for Laboratory and Industrial Purpose.Essentially there are two types. Thin Film Coating Unit. RF & DC Sputtering Unit Vacuum Coater produces thin, homogenous, uniform, pure film coatings of various metals to achieve controlled effects in applications like optics, electronics, materials, thin film coating etc. DHVE offers Different size of Vacuum Thin Film Coating Unit Model 12A4, 15F6, 19F9 & 24F10 with facilities for thermal evaporation, Ion cleaning (bombardment), etc. with accessories for substrate heating, rotation, film thickness monitoring etc. This is a versatile unit both for production as well as research. Optional accessories increase the versatility of the unit making it suitable for a variety of applications, including optical thin film deposition, semiconductors, and micro-electronics. A high speed vacuum pumping system fully integrated with necessary piping and valves operated manually is rated for high gas through- put handling and to produce clean and high vacuum in the chamber. This Vacuum Coating system is wired to operate on 230 V AC, 50Hz single phase power supply / 415 V AC 3 phase power sup
Vacuum pump supplier, manufacturer in Delhi, noida, ncr, india Dinesh High Vacuum Engineering has set itself as a foremost manufacturer of vacuum pump in delhi, noida, gurgaon, ghaziabad, faridabad, shimla, Bhopal, Chandigarh, gandhinagar, Jaipur, ambala, aligarh, Kanpur, Mumbai, ludhiana, indore, ranchi, bhubaneshwar, hyderabad, calcutta, ajmer, India. These are designed using robust materials and best technology available for vacuum pumps. Our products are also passed through several quality checks to ensure best quality of the products.
we are the best manufactures, supplier, distributor of vacuum pump, digital pirani gauge , vacuum coating plant , vacuum pump oil , silicon oil.Dinesh High Vacuum Engineering has set itself as a foremost manufacturer of vacuum pumps in India. These are designed using robust materials and best technology available for vacuum pumps. Our products are also passed through several quality checks to ensure best quality of the products. Our products have been used and accepted by a wide spectrum of industry through the length and breadth of the country.The quality and performance of the products of our fledgling organization have come in for special mention and appreciation, in comparison with several importedand established brands and we have commanded respect, for ourafter sale service and prompt response.
Vacuum Annealing Furnace is applied for annealing and aging treatment of a variety of alloy materials, devices (tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, copper alloy, etc.), magnetic materials, electrical steel, magnetic alloy, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys, copper and its alloys, hydrogen storage alloy, active and hard molten metal. It can also be used for vacuum sintering of magnetic material, diamond, hydrogen storage material reduction. The control system was controlled by PLC, temperature was controlled by intelligent temp controller, accurate control, high automation. User can choose auto or manual undisturbed switching to operate it, this vacuum furnace has abnormal condition alarming function, easy to operate. Environmental protection performance has been improved, maintenance cost saving, energy cost saving.
Vacuum Oil VACUUM OIL We are engaged in exporting manufacturer, supplier and DEALERS of a large quantity of Vacuum Oil to our clients because of their efficient work. They are designed and manufactured by experienced technicians. These products have low vapor pressure and are manufactured with quality materials. These are offered at competitive prices to our clients. We provide them at various sizes and shapes. These are applicable in many industries because they don’t cause any noise.
We are leading manufacturers, supplier and exporter ofVacuum FurnaceWe are committed to Provide Vacuum Heat Treatment services to customers by Meeting their quality and delivery schedules, with emphasis on continual improvement of the Quality Management System Long-term relationship to achieve "Total Customer Satisfaction” Provides a suitable framework for establishing, communicating and reviewing the quality objectives of the organization Protect and conserve the environment by Complying with the applicable legal and other requirements Conserving natural resources, promote practices for prevention of pollution and continual improvement in Environmental performance Minimizing process waste, promote recovery, reuse and recycling of materials and develop eco–friendly waste disposal practices Communicating IMS policy to all employees, interested parties and is made available to the public on request
We are leading manufacturers, supplier and exporter of vacuum pump, Roots Vacuum PumpS vacuum furnace , Oil Lubricant Vacuum pump ANALOG PENING GAUGE, digital pining gauge, ANALOG PIRANI GAUGE, VACUUM FURNACES DIGITAL PIRANI GAUGE, DIGITAL THICKNANTESS MONITOR , silicon grease vacuum coating plant VACUUM, PUMP silicon oil for diffusion pump gas charging board, Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants oil vacuum pumps vacuum pump for ac ges charging Water Cooled Double stge vacuum pump Vacuum Pump Oil, Vacuum Chambers , silicon oil dc 704Thin Film Coating plant Diffusion Vacuum Pump, pvd coating machin Laboratory Glove Boxes, OIL FREE DIAPHRAGM VACuum pump vacuum furnace , OIL SEALED ROTARY HIGH vacuum pump vacuum metalizing plant fomblin oil pvd coating plant filment hydrocarbon oilTungsten Coil ss chamber pvd coating plantIN DELHI NOIDA GUARGAON FARIDABAD GHIZABAD SONIPAT india CHANDIGARH JAIPUR AMBALA KANPUR KOLKATA CHENNAI BANGALORE PUNE hyderabadMUMBAI RAJKOT SURAT NASHIK hyderabad LUCKNOW PATNA SOLAN DELHIAgarabhuvneswer bhopal indore For more info visit us at APPLICATIONS IN THE LABORATORY Centrifugal concentration Degassing Desiccation Filtration Fluid aspiration Gel drying Liquid dosing Liquid metering Liquid transfer Rotary evaporation Solid phase extraction Vacuum ovens In addition to the list of applications above, we have experience in many other fields. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.