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VACUUM IMPREGNATION SYSTEM , DHVE Vacuum impregnatiion system are used to impregnate electrical materials of transformers, coils and other items for good insulation. The growth of missile technology and space re-entry system is demanding new types of materials which will be light but hard . Resin impregnation is a well developed technology for developing such exotic materials .
vacuum pump oil, Technical Specifications:- Products/ Items DHVE RP-16 RP-20 RP-30 Vapor Pressure (40 degree C) 7x10-3 9x10-4 7x10-5 Specific Gravity (15/4 degree) 0.84 0.85 0.88 Color (ASTM) L0.4 L0.4 L0.4 Flash Point (degree C) 254 256 256 Viscosity (40 degree C) 45 70 100 Viscosity index 104 106 109 Total Acid Number (mg KOH/G) 0.01 0.01 0.01 Pour Point (degree C) -17.0 -17.0 -17.0 Copper corrosion (10O*C/3hrs) 2A 2A 2A Typical Application All Kinds of Vacuum Pump and piston pumps
silicon oil, Technical Specifications:- Product /Items DHVE DP – 705 Vapor Pressure (40 degree C) 1x10-6 Specific Gravity (15/4 degree) 0.95 Color (ASTM) L0.5 Flash Point (degree C) 230 Viscosity (c8t. 40 degree C) 152 Molecular Weight 0.01 Pour Point (degree C) -25.0 Copper corrosion (10O*C/3hrs) 1a Typical application All kinds of diffusion pump oil
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Hardware All vacuum systems require connections for items like gauges, valves and pumps. Select hardware that makes connecting your high system or integration easy and clean. The simpler your connections are, the less chance there is for a vacuum leak. While these connections have to preserve vacuum integrity, they also have to be modular to allow flexibility and simplicity. All hardware is new and contamination free.