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Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pumps Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pumps These are available in single & double stage and are oil sealed, rotary vane type positive displacement pumps where, not only complete assembly is immersed in oil but shaft seal is also designed in such a way that it totally eliminates the possibility of suction of air through it. These are designed to achieve maximum vacuum in a very short time and rise in temperature of the unit also remains under check, which in turn reduces the wear and tear of its components and makes it suitable for noiseless and trouble free performance for years and thus helps in reduction of repair bills. These pumps are very compact and are so simple in design that all minor repairs, in case of need, can be carried out easily without removing the main housing from its base plate and without disturbing the alignment. In industrial models, or in vacuum pumps of higher capacities which are operated continuously for very long spells of time the oil gets heated either on account of friction or on account of heavy intake of hot mixture of gas and vapours, the performance of the pump drops. In order to keep it cool, a jacket is constructed around three sides of the pump housing, in which water is made to circulate for keeping the temperature of vacuum pump under control and retaining the performance at its best. In this model an inbuilt device, known as Gas Ballast is provided, which effectively checks to a large extent condensation of the water vapours which otherwise would not only had contaminated the oil, but had also diminished the performance of the pump. Applications Vacuum Creation, Filling, Drying, Lifting, Forming, Filtration, Distillation, Annealing, Impregnation, Dehydration, Sublimation, Film Coating & Many More. Specifications : : Single Stage Air Cooled : : Model No. Required hp Free Air Displacement in lpm Ultimate Pressure in mm Hg. " Approx. Oil Charges in Ltrs. dhve-50 1/4 50 0.05 2 dhve-100 1/4 100 0.05 2 dhve-200 1/2 250 0.05 4 dhve-300 1/2 350 0.05 4.5 dhve-500 1 500 0.05 5 dhve-800 1 800 0.05 8 dhve 1200 2 1200 0.05 10 : : Double Stage Air Cooled : : Model No. Required hp Free Air Displacement in lpm Ultimate Pressurein mm Hg. Approx. OilCharges in Ltrs. dhve-50 1/4 50 0.005 2 dhve-100 1/4 100 0.005 2.5 dhve-200 1/2 250 0.005 4.5 dhve-300 3/4 350 0.005 5.5 dhve-500 1 500 0.005 6 dhve-800 2 800 0.005 8 dhve-1200 3 1200 0.005 10 : : Single Stage Water Cooled : : Model No. Required hp Free Air Displacement in lpm "Ultimate Pressurein mm Hg. " Approx. OilCharges in Ltrs. DHVE-1200 2 1200 0.05 12 DHVE-1500 3 1500 0.05 18 DHVE-2000 3 2000 0.05 25 DHVE-3000 5 3000 0.05 30 DHVE-5000 5 5000 0.05 45 DHVE-7500 7.5 7500 0.1 50 DHVE-10000 10 10000 0.1 52 DHVE-15000 15 15000 0.5 60 DHVE-20000 20 20000 0.5 75 : : Double Stage Water Cooled : : Model No. Required hp Free Air Displacement in lpm Ultimate Pressurein mm Hg. Approx. OilCharges in Ltrs. DHVE-1200 3 1200 0.005 15 DHVE-1500 5 1500 0.005 18 DHVE-2000 5 2000 0.005 20 DHVE-3000 7.5 3000 0.005 30 DHVE-5000 7.5 5000 0.005 45 DHVE-7500 10 7500 0.05 50 DHVE-10000 12.5 10000 0.05 60 DHVE-15000 15 15000 0.1 75 DHVE-20000 20 20000 0.1 90
Analog penning gauge DHVE This is a cold cathode ionisation Gauge consisting of two electrodes anode and cathode. A potential difference of about 2.2 KV is applied between anode and cathode through current limiting resistors. A magnetic field is introduced at right angles to the plane of the electrodes by a permanent magnet having nearly 800 gauss magnetic field which will increase the ionisation current. This cold cathode ionisation gauge works on the principle of cold cathode discharge and ionisation. It is has an anode and a cathode electrode. An electrical potential of approx. 2.2kV is applied between anode and cathode. The electron emission will happen from the cathode (gauge head boby). Here a magnetic is assembled and the magnetic field is introduced. Due to which the ionization current is increased. Since the magnetic field is applied at right angle with the electrodes, the emitted electrons will take a helical path before reaching the anode. Thus following very long path, the chance of collision with gas molecule is high even at low pressures. The secondary electrons produced by ionisation themselves perform similar oscillations and the rate of ionization increases rapidly. This cold cathode penning gauge, with this principle of measurement of vacuum, it is designed to read from 10-2 to 10-6 The high efficiency high voltage DC power supply, rugged electronics design high quality permanent magnets are part of the penning gauge. The ionization current is read from the front panel micro ammeter. Salient Features: • rugged and stabilised DC power supply for accurate reading • Easy maintenance of the sensor • Rugged design for no filament burnout • Instant start up • Standardised to heat and voltage fluctuations • Compatible out put for process set point controller